About us

PHU Krzysztof Medrzecki “Pelican Polska” has been on the Polish market since 1995. It is the first and only authorized representative of the Canadian Company “Pelican International” and other several Polish pedal boat and kayak manufactures.

Available items :

  • Pelican Products: 
    • Pedal Boats
    • Single-Person kayak
    • SUP Board
  • Domestic products : 
    • Pedal Boats
    • Tandem Kayaks
    • Fishing Boats
  • Accessories: 
    • Mooring Covers
    • Paddles
    • Life Jackets

We offer parts for Pelican pedal boats as well as a full warranty and post-warranty services year-round. “Pelican International” products are highly functional with appealing technical solutions and easy to store during the off-season. The equipment is made from multi-layered RAM-X polyethylene (reserved exclusively for Pelican) that offers resistance to impact, deformation and UV rays. Due to the sturdy and light-weight nature of the multi-layered RAM-X polyethylene, Pelican equipment does not require annual maintenance. Furthermore, some models of pedal boats have the ability to connect an electric motor.

Domestic water products are made from a polyester fiber mat and gelcoat. As a result, multiple colours are available based on individual customer requests.

We invite you to check our offer!